9 Habits That Ruin Your Health Without You Even Knowing 9 months ago

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How to form a good habit and how to get rid of bad habits? We all want to be healthy and we’ve all heard about the importance of balanced eating, stretching, work-outs etc. However, there are 9 everyday habits it's better to get rid of as soon as possible.

A team of researchers at University College London has proven that it actually takes an average of 66 days for something to become second nature. And kicking a deep-rooted habit can take much longer. Yet as hard as it might be, the following bad habits are definitely worth getting rid of.

Don't put your feet up on the dashboard. 0:26
Don't hang wet towels or leave the shower curtain open. 1:13
Don't drink coffee on an empty stomach. 1:40
Don't eat popcorn. 2:22
Don't leave a bottle of water in the car. 3:09
Don't pop pimples. 3:42
Don't take pictures of everything on your phone. 4:31
Don't take dietary supplements. 5:26
Don't keep your charging phone under your pillow. 6:09

- Keeping your feet up on the dash means that your face will hit your knees if the driver has to slam the brakes, which means that you could break your teeth, jaw, nose, or other facial bones. These types of injuries require a lot of recovery time and can leave a person with permanent facial deformities.
- Bacteria love to multiply in the wet creases of the towel, and mold can grow in the folds of the gathered-up shower curtain. This is why it's better to let your wet towels dry unfolded and to close the shower curtain each time you step out.
- If there’s no food in your stomach while you’re having your cup o’ joe, this leads to the release of too much gastric acid that can damage the lining of the stomach. Experts recommend drinking coffee only after eating breakfast or in the middle of the day.
- Dentists say that popcorn can do serious damage to your teeth. And it's not even the kernel itself but the thin shell surrounding it that’s harmful.
- The water in the bottle acts sort of like a magnifying glass, and if sunlight reaches it, especially if the bottle is on a dark surface, it can actually start a fire!
- When you pop a pimple, you break the skin open and make it susceptible to even more bacteria, which can lead to even more breakouts. You can also risk getting a serious infection if your hands are dirty.
- When you try to capture everything on your camera, you end up missing a lot of important details, at least according to a 2013 study by psychologists at Fairfield University.
- If you have a healthy balanced diet, it's pointless for you to take vitamins on top of that since you already get the necessary quantity of them from your food.
- There are still smartphones with batteries that generate lots of heat. And if this heat doesn’t dissipate, and it can’t very much if it’s under a pillow, the phone just gets hotter. This means that the device or the charger cord can catch fire.

Are you guilty of any of these habits? Maybe there are a couple you’ve managed to kick? Tell us in the comments below!

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