SLANG Worldwide, Emerald Health, & Deepak Anand - Midas Letter RAW 158 8 months ago

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Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today. Ben Smith and Ed Milewski provide comprehensive fundamental & technical analysis on all trending business and investment news, while interviewing the top CEOs of all public companies and analysts with the highest reputations in the business.

0:00 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed
-IMF: where's growth coming from
-David Rosenberg: tightening cycle

5:24 - Midas Letter News
-Aurora Cannabis (TSE:ACB) completes first delivery of cannabis oil to UK
-Flowr One (CNSX:FONE) enters into financing agreement
-Green Growth Brands (CNSX:GGB) entered into agreement with Simon (NYSE:SPG) for retail locations
-TerAscend Corp (CNSX:TER) purchase agreement (Apothecarium)
-VIVO Cannabis (CVE:VIVO) subsidiary receives Health Canada license
-WeedMD (CVE:WMD) completes first shipment to Shoppers Drug Mart
-earnings reporting

8:17 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed
-interest rates, US economic debt
-Japanese economic issues (now and historically)
-zombifiction of the market (can't raise interest rates) where the US economy is going
-ML large cap index: Tier 1s have had a bad day
-ML small cap index: all down; about 3%
-concern over earnings this week
-MSOs (last week lost 3-5%), HMMJ/CAN MJ stocks (lost double that last week)
-ML Venture index: Khiron (CVE:KHRN) still holding up well
-ML CSE index: slightly up today
-Canopy Growth (TSE:WEED) recent move without a big catalyst
-WeedMD available on Shoppers; not moving as a catalyst though; some of the value already built in
-as the drug coverage becomes more apparent, companies with deals with Shoppers will be big value

30:04 - SLANG Worldwide (CNSX:SLNG) is a branded consumer products company operating in the cannabis space. CEO Peter Miller reveals that the company is focused on creating regional brands. Backed by industry powerhouse Canopy Growth Corp (TSE:WEED) (NYSE:CGC) (FRA:11L1), SLANG went public in January after raising $66 million.

41:49 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed
-SLANG Worldwide: Canopy backing
-S&P chart: drifting outside channel

47:20 - Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (CVE:EMH) (OTCMKTS:EMHTF) (FRA:TBD) CFO Rob Hill provides an update on the company’s greenhouse expansion and joint ventures. Emerald Health expects to have its entire 1.1 million square foot greenhouse in Delta, British Columbia. The company raised $10.8 million in December and is using that capital to fund its Quebec facility expansion and its joint venture with Emerald Health Naturals.

58:35 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed
-Emerald Health $500M market cap
-always want to hear a company patent things (not all with pan out though)
-cannabis market is either a lot of red or green; not a lot of sideways action
-Cronos (NASDAQ:CRON) chart: candle was well through Bollinger, correction; big move without any real catalysts

1:08:34 - Did You Know? Spiders and intoxicants

1:09:15 - Cannabis business expert Deepak Anand provides an update on his work with cannabis social justice agencies as well as his take on stories shaping the global cannabis industry. Anand works with Norml Canada, an organization working on amnesty for Canadians who have been unfairly charged with cannabis-related offenses as well as CFAMM, a group looking to ensure medical cannabis patients have fair access and taxation. Anand observes that the excitement regarding the health benefits of CBD oil has led to regulatory problems, especially in Europe.

1:22:45 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed

1:23:42 - Video - Bad Batch? Cannabis and Sperm with Sean Cookson

1:27:44 - Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ben & Ed
Tomorrow: WeedMD, Goldspot Discoveries, Harte Gold Corp,


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